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Welcome to Synchro Yukon. Synchro Yukon is the official governing body for competitive and recreational synchronized swimming in Yukon. Northern Novas Synchronized Swimming Club is our competitive/recreational team and train out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Swimmers are registered through Synchro Yukon to access sport information, coaching, training and competitive opportunities with our national affiliate, Synchro Canada. Contact synchro_yukon@hotmail.com for information about synchronized swimming in Yukon or to register with Northern Novas.


The Northern Novas
Northern Novas

The Northern Novas Synchronized Swim Club has been supporting recreational and competitive synchro swimmers in Yukon for over 20 years.

The Sport
The sport is a combination of swimming, dance and gymnastics. Synchronized swimming demands advanced water skills, great strength, endurance and flexibility. Swimmers develop grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control - all while upside down and underwater.

The Club
Synchro athletes swimming with the Northern Novas range from beginner to advanced, with the goals of having fun in the water while building recreational or competitive skills. New swimmers: learn basic skills in the water including body awareness, breath control, and timing. Advanced swimmers: master synchro skills and build body control, flexibility and precision. Synchronized swimmers from the Yukon have competed regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally over the years!

Synchro Swimmers
Swimmers learn basic synchro figures and movements, according to Synchro Canada and sport guidelines. Progress is measured in Star Levels as they master new skills. The synchro season includes learning and mastering figures and movements, and incorporating these skills into routines choreographed to music. Athletes can perform either in solo, duet, or team categories. Swimmers choreograph the figures and movements they've practiced to music and create routines through the synchro season.

All Northern Novas synchro swimmers participate in figures and routine event competition with other synchro athletes in their skill category at the Yukon Championships. All Northern Novas swimmers also have opportunity to perform at the Spring Water Show and celebrate their skills for friends and family. When possible, Northern Novas organizes team trips to competitions outside Yukon, for synchro swimmers at the recreational, provincial and national levels.

Other Events
The club supports athlete development activities such as clinics, training camps and coaching sessions through the season. There are also opportunities for training for officials, coaches and volunteers to contribute to the synchronized swimming community and support athlete development in Yukon.

During the synchro season, swimmers participate in fundraising and team-building activities to support athletes and club development. These activities can offset registration and travel costs to competitions.

Why Synchronized Swimming?
Synchronized swimming supports individual and team athleticism. Swimmers build skills for life such as flexibility, body awareness and control, and core strength. Synchro swimmers also develop social skills and lasting friendships through training together as a team.

For more information about the synchro swimming season dates and activities, practice days & times, and registration costs, visit the Events page and the Registration page.


Aura-Lea Harper

Aura-Lea got her start in competitive synchro when she was 10 years old and stayed active in the sport until she was 22. She’s a Level 3 coach with over a decade of experience and her passion for the sport runs deep. Her greatest drive comes from her love of the challenges associated with competitive synchronized swimming and from seeing kids learn and grow through the sport! She creates a strong connection with her swimmers and loves watching the sport as much as she loves competing.


Heather O’Carroll

Heather swam competitively for the Northern Novas and Team Yukon for about 5 years while in high school; then for a couple of years with her University club. She began coaching with the club in 2011 and has Level 3 certification. She believes that synchro combines beauty and grace, with insane athleticism and power - few sports require both of these elements, and anyone who's tried it, knows it's really hard to pull off! Heather likes working with ambitious athletes and measuring their progress over a season. Seeing the result from start to finish is really gratifying as a coach, and also for the athletes.


Chrissy Sands

Chrissy swam with Northern Novas for 6 years and competed in team and duet routines. She went to the Canada Winter Games in 2007 with Kelsey Metropolit and took a few years off before coming back to the club to coach. She has level 1 coaching certification and enjoys teaching new swimmers about synchro and creating routines. Her favourite part of the sport is the life long friendships can be built during the long hours and hard work put in at the pool - it's a beautiful sport and Chrissy wants to thank the support of the community for keeping Synchro growing in the Yukon.



Get In The Pool!

Registration ends September 1st! Email us at synchro_yukon@hotmail.com to get a registration form. Email your completed form to back to us or drop it off at Sport Yukon office located at:

  • 4061-4th Avenue
  • Whitehorse, YT
  • Y1A 1H1
  • (867) 668-4236


Sessions run from September until the end of April


The Dippers Team
5:30pm-6:45pm Tuesday & Thursday
$635 (Includes $35 Synchro Canada Fee)

Auroras Pre-competitive Team
5:30-7:00pm on Tuesday, Thursday, & 11am-1pm on Sunday
$1135 (Includes $35 Synchro Canada Fee)

Competitive Team
5:30-7:00pm on Tuesday, Thursday, & 10am – 1pm on Sunday
$1235 (Includes $35 Synchro Canada Fee)

The synchronized swimming season runs from September through to the end of April. Our athletes practice 2-3 times a week for 1 to 2 hours, depending on their level of competition. Swimmers break over Christmas, Easter and Spring break holidays.

Swimmers must have a one piece swimsuit, nose plug, swim cap and goggles for practices. For Yukon Championships, swimmers will need a black swim suit and white swim cap. There may be additional costs for costumes for the Water Show or outside competitions. Fundraising activities are organized to help reduce registration costs and to assist athletes traveling for competition.

There are also opportunities for volunteers to access training as sport officials, coaches and deck coaches to contribute to the enhancing participation in the synchronized swimming community and support athlete development in Yukon.

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the club. Contact us if you would like to know more!


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